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08:24 From a creek to a river
All the trees that used to stand by the small brook have probably caused the incrustations that led to the flooding in the underground car park. 08:23 At my favorite workplace
About 300 m further up the Grünbach. Here I was still on September 8th with notebook and photovoltaic at a small creek. Not to recognize again. 08:07 Here was a clogging in the Grünbach
60 km/h, 2.4 m wide 0.8 m high results in 32 m³ of water per second. However, the incrustation at this point sent the water on other ways. 01:54 Mercedes 350 CLS floats at the garage entrance
Floating with the rear up, this Mercedes is over 15m away from its parking place. 01:47 Excavator removes clogging of the Grünbach
The excavator stands on a concrete slab that lies over the Grünbach and removes a clogging. A lot of wood has accumulated in front of the only 80 cm high passage. 01:24 Almost no water in the Grünbach
Just above the Almkanal, which the Grünbach crosses with a bridge, almost no water flows. Why? Large amounts of water enter the Almkanal right next to it. 00:43 Fire department on the way to the garage door
The water is up to far into the garage entrance. Later the water height in the garage was determined with 103cm height. 00:42 Water rushes into the Almkanal
September is traditionally the time of revision works at the Almkanal. The water for the Almkanal is diverted into the Königsseeer Ache. Here large amounts of water fall into the Almkanal. 00:23 There is nothing left to save
A neighbour knocks clearly after midnight. ''The garage. I hurry downstairs, but at the connecting door from the cellar to the garage water comes out of the door gaps up to 1m height. Calculation ERROR
I created for the Gusi Peace Prize ceremony a 5-minute video about my work. To  brighten the gigantic calculation error, which destroys our civilization systematically. Mission Earth
My speech about the situation of the civilization on planet Earth during the prize ceremony November 24th in Manila. The enlighten of the calculation error is my mission. Poster to print Yourself
Official poster of PEGE for the EUROSOLAR Austria awarding prizes in Laakirchen October 4th 2008. The Poster shows in 6 photos the main projects of PEGE. Trophy for the media prize Eurosolar 2008
A turnable glas globe is the main design element of the Eurosolar trophy 2008. Here the trophy from prizewinner Roland Mösl for PEGE online magazines. Certificate media prize for solar energy
Austrian solar prize 2008. Eurosolar Austria awards the Austrian solar price category media to Roland Mösl, Gartenau near Salzburg, platform Introduction of Roland Mösl as prizewinnter
In a booklet are from all 10 categories the 10 categories the prizewinners and their work introduced. Here category 6 - media, where I won 2008 in Laakirchen. Speech from Roland Mösl about the media prize
In fact, my speech should have been only 7 minutes. My wife told me, I was with 25 minutes a little bit too long. But it was for me still much to less, Google AdSense story contest
My contribution to the AdSense story contest October 2007. My story from 1991 with the invention of the GEMINI inhabited solar power plant to my series of online magazines. Selective awarness of mass media
The oil price crosses $90 per barrel and in Salzburg on the Mozart place is our future mobility without oil and CO2 emission shown. Headlines? Big media coverage? Johanna Mösl caricature
Now I have to sit here to make a caricature from me. The grown up people sometimes play like the children. Maria Mösl junior caricature
So seriouse looks our doughter Maria (7) in the caricature. She knows exactly what is importang in life. With 2.5 years old, she answered when she should clean up: Maria Mösl caricature
My wife saw herself caricatured as a girl having still her dreams and ideals and not becomes marshy in the ''nothing is possible'' reality of grown up people. Roland Mösl caricature
I started to be caricatured. My wife had been so enthusiastic about it, that the action was expanded to the whole family. Throw away batteries: pedagogy of the throw away society
Play with the remote controll car, throw away the empty batteries, play, throw away, play, throw away. Toys R US tries hard to educate children for the throw away society. Pedagogically questionable: Toys R US Salzburg
In the whole Toys R US shop had been no rechargeable batteries or chargers. Only huge quantities of throw away batteries in sensless large packs. Toys shop: bringing-up to throw away
When You purchase for Your children a small remote controll car, they try in the toys shop to sell You huge quantities of throw away batteries. Academy Guglielmo Marconi: Award for construction
Septmeber 20th 1994 Roland Mösl was awarded by the academy Guglielmo Marconi in Rom for his merits about new concepts like inhabited solar power plants. Academy Guglielmo Marconi: Award for solar energy
September 20th 1994, Roland Mösl was awarded by the academy Guglielmo Marconi in Rome for his merits towards a solar future with high honor. European order of merit
June 24th 1994, Roland Mösl was awarded in the new European parliament in Brussels for his promotion of solar energy with the Europan order of merit EUREKA world innovation fair Brussels 1993
The concept for the plus energy house GEMINI has been awared on the EUREKA 1993 with the diplom  Chevalier (knight). Since February 11th 1954 award 1155.