Maria Mösl junior

My doughter Maria is born September 10th 1998. Here pictures from her life with an out of the ordinary father.

Hellbrunn to test slow driving Hellbrunn to test slow driving
2 bicyles without air, no pump to find. So one child drives with me on the electric scooter, the other on the bicycle. Opportunity to test the consumption at 10 to 20 km/h.

Sledding Sledding
At last snow. Here I test immediately my electric scooter as a traction engine for the sledges. Video (6.8MB)

Old notebook as child toy Old notebook as child toy
When every 2 years is a new notebook purchased, after 2 years has the wife and after 4 years also the oldest child a notebook.

With the laptop and family in the garden With the laptop and family in the garden
Work is necessary, the question is only where and under what circumstances. A notebook makes it possible to accompany the rest of the family in the garde and to work there.

Maria Mösl junior caricature Maria Mösl junior caricature
So seriouse looks our doughter Maria (7) in the caricature. She knows exactly what is importang in life. With 2.5 years old, she answered when she should clean up:

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