What would be a world where Greenpeace is not against everything? A world where BP owns many photovoltaic factories and has a great share of the lithium world production?

Greepeace demonstration without communication Greepeace demonstration without communication
Again and again, I tried until the end of the demonstration to discuss with the Greenpeace activists. Regretfully, all my efforts had been unavailing.

Greenpeace BMW Mini Greenpeace BMW Mini
1993, Robert Santner introduced the GEMINI house planned by PEGE to Greenpeace in Vienna. The energy speaker of Greenpeace anwered at this time:

Greenpeace vs electric cars Greenpeace vs electric cars
Since 1992, PEGE publishes about electric mobility, the princip of 2 phase change, about houses producing enough electric power by solar energy to support also mobility.

Greenpeace for solar duty? Greenpeace for solar duty?
Solar duty for new buildings! In 10 years can the whole amount of electric power for electric mobility be produced with photovoltaic!

Greenpeace vs rattle stink scooters? Greenpeace vs rattle stink scooters?
Electric scooters are state of the technic in the 45km/h class, so forbid authorization for gasoline scooters, ban driving of gasoline scooters in environment zones.

Context description:  Roland Mösl founder