Fatik Birol Chief Economist of IEA

The IEA is the supreme authority for energy prognoses in the OECD countries, but supreme uncovering uncomfortable truth, somebody becomes fast a caller in the desert.

List of publications about IEA prognosis August 2009
The political parties are hiding it, betray the voters for their economic future. Here a list of publications about the disastrous oil prognosis of the IEA August 2009.

IEA WEO crude oil price and production
Comments to an interview in international politic April 20008 The sirens scream, Talk from Astrid Schneider and Fatih Birol.

IEA - wellcome in the camp of the callers in the desert
In the past when the IEA published ''make no sorrows'' oil prognoses, each government, each car group liked to cite. But 2008 changed the IEA sides.

Context description:  Roland Mösl founder founder@pege.org