Christian Deinlein

He gave PEGE an E-Max S as an long time test vehicle and accomplisehd so an extraordinary contribution to promote electric mobility.

Hans Josef Fell Hans Josef Fell
The long standing Twike driver Fell informs himself about the new generation of electric scooters. From 60 km range with lead acid batteries to 150 km with lithium batteries.

Mission electric scooter Mission electric scooter
When an electric scooter dealer drives 220 km from Piding to the green party conference in Augsburg, this can not be seen as a sales action, but as a mission.

The electric scooter family The electric scooter family
In the garage from left to right: An E-Max S, the Innoscooter 2500, the head of the family and Mr. Deinlein on a home visit to repair an E-Max.

Repair in Piding Repair in Piding
On the day before, I exaggerated at my tests in snow, my first fall with a scooter. The brake handel was bented by the accident.

Scooter test starts in Piding at Deinlein Scooter test starts in Piding at Deinlein
The test vehicle is borrowed from Scooter motorcycle Deinlein in Piding. This company also selly Kymco 4 stroke scooters, also better than the 2 stroke scooters.

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