Index over persons mentioned again and again on the pages of PEGE.

Fatik Birol Chief Economist of IEA
The IEA is the supreme authority for energy prognoses in the OECD countries, but supreme uncovering uncomfortable truth, somebody becomes fast a caller in the desert.

Heidi Reiter Heidi Reiter
Depending on the theme, electric mobility or electric smog, we have a very similar or total opposit point of view

Christian Deinlein Christian Deinlein
He gave PEGE an E-Max S as an long time test vehicle and accomplisehd so an extraordinary contribution to promote electric mobility.

Henry Ford
The great industrial who accomplished with the Ford-T the vision for the 20th century, should now be adapted for the requirements of the 21th century.

What would be a world where Greenpeace is not against everything? A world where BP owns many photovoltaic factories and has a great share of the lithium world production?

Angela Merkel Angela Merkel
How to treat the German automobile industry? Give the lobbyists their wishes to go the comfortable way in the decline, or to demand technological innovation?

Maria Mösl junior
My doughter Maria is born September 10th 1998. Here pictures from her life with an out of the ordinary father.

Johanna Mösl
My doughter Johanna is born January 17th 2001. Here pictures from her life with an out of the ordinary father.

Context description:  Roland Mösl founder