Truetwit Validation Service

I am not Your slave. I do not waste my time by jumping through burning hoops or by deciphering pictures in Trutwit validation service.

Barack Obama is a good example for how many followers are necessary to achieve something in politics. He had August 8th 2010 4,754,265 followerw.

  Effort to validate 4,754,265 followers

Let's assume piecework with 50 Truetwit validations per hour. Makes 95.083 hours. At 40 hours per week and 45 working weeks per year nearly 53 working years. An annoying work worse assembly line work.

Let's assume 10.-EUR per hours, makes nearly 1 million EUR.

  True spamers outsouce TrueTwit Validation

Child work somewhere in Africa. A netbook, a photovoltaic with buffer battery. After this, they have to work to pay the equipment. 400.-EUR equipment in 4 years. 5000 TrueTwit validations per month to pay pack 10.-EUR of the equipment.

  My messages are valuable

I have to tell the world something, I want to lead the world to the solar age. There is no place in my follower list for poseurs arrogate to make me a slave jumping through burning hoops or deciphering pictures in Trutwit validation service.


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Roland Mösl founder