2009: In what year are we actually

Okay, we write the year 2009, but much more interesting is, in what year of DDR (German Democratic Republic) do we live? I would quess 1987 or 1988.

Limiting manager salary
In an discussion reached me the question, what can a manager more than a simple worker. Completely clear, the visions, the longtime planning is missing.

IEA - wellcome in the camp of the callers in the desert
In the past when the IEA published ''make no sorrows'' oil prognoses, each government, each car group liked to cite. But 2008 changed the IEA sides.

Wrong wronger wrongest: Prognoses
Bursting lungs at speeds beyond 30km/h, worldwide demand of maximal 100 computers, 32 bit processors never for private use. And now strikes McKinsey.

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