Degeneration stock market

The original idea had been great: Many people finance awesome plans like the railway, telephon, electric light, a single one has not the chance to effort all the money.

  The original idea: create a future

All the stock company founded 100 to 150 years ago to bring new inventions to a mass market formed our civilisation. In this time, the stock market was something to create a future, to bring progress.

  Degenerated to a casino

Is the stock market able to finance great new ideas, to bring them the break through?

Some hedge fonds lost in gambling 15 billion EUR at one day, only because the lost a game with the VW stock. How much is necessary to make out of Loremo a wonderful profitable company? Since 2005, I try by my reports in the internet to help the inventor of the photovoltaic heat combination to find an investor.

Both great ideas, as importantly as the invention of the bulb or the telephone. But at that time had been shareholder with technical understanding, with visions. Today are nearly only Adrenalin addicted in the casino.

  Gambling addicts in the casino far away from the real world

Imagine You know a gambling addict living in an extrem bad house. 10.000 litre fuel oil a year for heating. You try to convince the adict, that a good renovation would reduce the consumption to 5000 kWh with a heat pump and this would be profitable in 5 years only.

Do You belive the gambling addict would listen to You? The addict lives far away from the real world. He thinks only what gamling system, he should try today in the evening to win money. An investment profitable in 5 years? What has this to do with a visit in the casino today in the evening?

  A surprising fast development

January 2007, some few interested people came together for a lecture about peak oil in Traunstein. Only one year later is peak oil history. We have to react faster!

Austrian wins 55 millions at Euromillions
What does a simple human with 55 millions? I mean, say an amount of money and I will work out a plan, what to do best with it.

What comes faster? $150 oil price or my 50th birthday
Today we have July 3rd 2008. July 9th is my birthday. Will the oil price jump before over $150? Will it be possible to wake up the politicians.

Punch and judy show stock exchange
The history of 2008: The oil price increases, a poseur cries ''recession'', the oil price decreases, the stock market cheers, the share prices increase, the oil price increases...

Consulting: the investor is lost
The difference between the pretended world of investment consulters and what happens in the real world. Explained with BYD as example.

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