Not all is equal unimportant

In the age of the total information flood, it's important to learn to assess the importance of information. Not everything is same unimportant.

  Promotion messages

It's not enough to have all promotion messages about renewable energy and to cimple copy them and publish them. Everything has to be carefully questioned.

Oppinions are like sand at the beach, but only an able to carry secure for the future oppinion, wenn there are decisions over the future.,

  Since 1992 against intensive biomass cultivation for energy

There ist critic today against biomass because of the impossible area demand Change to electric power, more electric power, therefor less primary energy is also since 1992 a main thought at me. My energy progonsis from 1992 for Germany 2040 estimates 1200 TWh electric power, in return nearly no other energy usage.

  PEGE - better prognoses for a better futuret

Not all information are equal unimportant. The past showed, my information are more important. I studied 1991 books about buildings physics and calculated, that a heat insulation of u=0.1 is usefull. At this time a mad value.

When I visit today a
construction fair, I find again and again wall models with u=0.1. I calculated it 1991 and my result wa right.

More humans have to be informed, that there is a better life after peak oil. PEGE as the light tower towards the solar age.

  PEGE organization 2008

Since 1996 it seemed to be enough, to be found by all interested people by search engines. But PEGE has to reach more people on a regularly base.

Back to the roots
I had 1993 2000 fresh printed books and a publisher who just went bancrupt. 2 years later, 90% of the books had been sold by me and supporters of PEGE.

Fair Trade - Fair Read
In the sense of 'fair trade', I call for the action 'Fair Read' donate for the support of the educational work of PEGE

Context description:  Roland Mösl founder