Back to the roots

I had 1993 2000 fresh printed books and a publisher who just went bancrupt. 2 years later, 90% of the books had been sold by me and supporters of PEGE.

First, the publisher wanted to print only 500 books. 1993, this means phototypesetting, labor intensive preparing of the printing plates. Later what costs least of all, print 500 books. I proposed to the publisher to print 2000 books, he can have 1000 for the price of 500 and I sell the other 1000 by myself.

The croatian hitchhiker, I took him from Berlin to Salzburg, found a cheap printing company in Zagreb. In several part deliveries, I got 2000 books, but my publisher went bancrupt in the mean time. So I had to organise, how to sell all the books by myself.

  Book sell from human to human personally

Some of the supporters of PEGE had become to successfull book sellers. I was myself at numerous events and fairs to sell my books.

  Dissemination by search engines

Autumn 1996, at PEGE started a new epoch. The first battle in Altavista had been successfully completed. Only 2 years later, PEGE reached by search engines permanent over 20.000 visitors a month. Over 10 times more visitors a month, than I sold books in 2 years. So I set full on this new method.

  100 thousand visitors a month are not enough

In the mean time, PEGE increased from 20 thousand visitors a month to 100 thousand. But this is still not enough to distribute a clear image for out way in the future. So back to the roots, promote personally subscriptions for my newsletter. In a way like my first book had been sold.

More humans have to be informed, that there is a better life after peak oil. PEGE as the light tower towards the solar age.

Proverbs in modern interpreation
Not historical, but modern amusingly in connection with own experiences, the origin of many famouse proverbs is new interpreted.

  PEGE organization 2008

Since 1996 it seemed to be enough, to be found by all interested people by search engines. But PEGE has to reach more people on a regularly base.

Not all is equal unimportant
In the age of the total information flood, it's important to learn to assess the importance of information. Not everything is same unimportant.

Fair Trade - Fair Read
In the sense of 'fair trade', I call for the action 'Fair Read' donate for the support of the educational work of PEGE

Context description:  Roland Mösl founder