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My contribution to the AdSense story contest October 2007. My story from 1991 with the invention of the GEMINI inhabited solar power plant to my series of online magazines.

  Transcript - the poor Austrian inventor years

Hallo, my name is Roland Mösl and I try since 1991 to lead humanity to the solar age.

I developt 1991 the GEMINI inhabited solar power plant with up to 150m² photovoltaic turning after the sun.

I wrote a book about my projects and was declared a Chevalier or knight 1993 in Brussels

I received 1994 in the European parliament the European Order of Merit and became memeber of the accademia univerale Marconi But all this honor brought me no money.

I started 1996 in the internet. 25000 visitors a month but again no money.
I removed 2000 all banners from my site.

  AdSense made my online magazines possible

I applied 2004 for Adsene and the first results had been total different from any other advertising program. So I decided to expand to a series of online magazines covering important technology for our future.

April 2005, I got the most important item to expand my AdSense business: my press card

EVER Monaco - Prince Albert talking about a 20kW electric scooter

Frankfurt international motor show. German prime minister Merkel in a plug-in-hybrid car

Special extreme test for my long time test vehicle, an electric scooter.

Google Adsense, the first time that my work for humanity is recognized in terms of money.

  My typs for your AdSense business:

More original content, more details, more photos, larger photos, more evaluation, more own oppinion

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  Terminate false fears about the future

Mankind has to realize, that we destroy our climate and environment for an unutterably primitive butch up technology, which can be replaced by far better.

Selective awarness of mass media Selective awarness of mass media
The oil price crosses $90 per barrel and in Salzburg on the Mozart place is our future mobility without oil and CO2 emission shown. Headlines? Big media coverage?

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