Salzburg bull washer in modern times

How to show to the besiegers that there is enough food? By showing each day on the wall of the fortress the same bull in different colors.

  The legend

It should have happened in the time of the peasants' wars 1525. Salzburg had been besieged and the food reserves had been becoming barely. To show to the enemies the opposit of the critical situation, they showed the last bull each day in a new color variant on the wall of the fortress.

The besiegers thought, that a further besiege is to much effort and left.

  The hydrogen car is the bull of today

The big car companies are today besieged by politicians and environment protectors. An environment friendly mobility is demanded. How to bring the besiegers to give up? How to deal with this annoying demands?

With the hydrogen car!

All parameters tell, it will have no future, but this is the most important point. Something to show like the bull on the wall of the fortress. This bull had been only to show in always new variants, never to eat him.

Same with the hydrogen car. It's to show. Some press photos with an non expert environment minister or ex-actor driving. Fantastic! Look at us! We invest in the future. But it's never planned for serial production.


Conforming mass media
Simple mass media are merchants of fear. They build up a fear from the future by increasing energy prices. We try concentrated to hold against this.

Context description:  Roland Mösl founder