Conforming mass media

Simple mass media are merchants of fear. They build up a fear from the future by increasing energy prices. We try concentrated to hold against this.

  In fight against stupidity and populism

The crude oil prices increase. The energy prices increase. Simple minded journalists disseminate regulars' table slogans about unfair price increases and fear from the future. Where wirte simple minded mass media about alternatives? No!

Simple minded mass media are merchants of fear. There is no place for a good future outlook.

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Are low energy prices positive? We show, with our article series about cheap energy brings cheap both up solutions, how negative cheap energy can be for our living standard, health, comfort and technical progress. Convincing arguments bringing the reader in a mud like "The war is soon over, peace in sight". High energy prices as something positve worthwhile.

  To our article series "Cheap energy brings cheap botch up"

Cheap energy as a roadblock against the progress
Cheap energy means cheap botch up instead of high quality solutions. Examples from car technic, building technic and computer technic show, how innovation is inhibited


Salzburg bull washer in modern times
How to show to the besiegers that there is enough food? By showing each day on the wall of the fortress the same bull in different colors.

Context description:  Roland Mösl founder