TIWAG media age

How do I supply my enemies with more attention, they would attain with their own power ever possible. An exemplary answer delivers the TIWAG in the fight with critics.

In the past was all much more easy for a mighty company. There was only a few mass media. It was possible to held this mass media with expensive advertisements in a good mood. Would in this time an editor in chief risked to publish a critical readers letter? Intervene with the own economical power, show how dangerouse it would be, had been standard actions.

  Strengthen critics with old fashioned actions

But this methods do not function anymore in the media- and internet age. Worse, this actions cause the exact opposit what a mighty company intended. A good example is the case TIWAG - Tirolean water incorporated.

A group of critics of the TIWAG published some pages on the domain dietiwag.at. They tried to influence the Austrian domain registry. But also dietiwag.org is a nice domain name. So next action at the content provider and accusation agains the publishers of dietiwag.org.

  Public circulation of a regulars' table discussion

Before the interventions had the web site of the critics group the public circulation of a regulars' table discussion. The site was public in the internet, but also the trees in the sibirian wood stand public around. To find the page of the critics by a search engine? Nearly impossible, it was a bad programmed site without power.

Now, May 14th 2005, thanks to the tireless actions of the TIWAG and all their lawyers has got so many links, that Google PR 4 is reached. It's not to assume, that the critics would have reached this by their own power.


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