Caricatures from the family Mösl

At our sightseeing in San Marino, we are fascinated from the atelier of William Lazzari so. After a while, we have caricartures of the whole family.

Roland Mösl caricature Roland Mösl caricature
I started to be caricatured. My wife had been so enthusiastic about it, that the action was expanded to the whole family.

Maria Mösl caricature Maria Mösl caricature
My wife saw herself caricatured as a girl having still her dreams and ideals and not becomes marshy in the ''nothing is possible'' reality of grown up people.

Maria Mösl junior caricature Maria Mösl junior caricature
So seriouse looks our doughter Maria (7) in the caricature. She knows exactly what is importang in life. With 2.5 years old, she answered when she should clean up:

Johanna Mösl caricature Johanna Mösl caricature
Now I have to sit here to make a caricature from me. The grown up people sometimes play like the children.

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